12. July 2024

Sports competitions with tradition - Bundesjugendspiele at the Stetten school centre

On today's last day of school before the Whitsun holidays the traditional national youth games of the school centre Stetten took place in the took place. The learning partners showed their sporting skills in the best of weather and and competed in various disciplines such as long jump, shot put, sprint and long distance running, sprint and long-distance run.

The annual compulsory games go back to a long tradition and have been announced since 1951; their predecessors were the Reichsjugendspiele, first held in 1920 in the Weimar Republic. Then as now, the sports performed are part of the classic educational canon, as physical performance also has a significant influence on the cognitive development of the individual. In addition, the sporting competitions train social skills, such as dealing with failure or teamwork in a performance group.

The individual squads not only had the advantage of the best weather today, but also a special motivation to be able to take part in the first competitions again after the corona-related break. The well-being factor of the particularly stressed teaching staff was also taken care of: the school administration donated sandwiches, the teachers Mrs Montalbano and Mrs Karsten organised coffee and Levi Meyer from learning group 7.1 distributed home-baked delicious chocolate biscuits.

And selecting the best - high performers, of course, not biscuits....
The learning partners are eagerly awaiting the upcoming award ceremony after the Whitsun holidays!