25. May 2024

School social work

E-Mail: j.maerkle@mariaberg.de
Phone: 07573-951922
Mobile: 0177-9772717

Our team for the school year 2021/22

Marie, Toby, Leo, Vanessa

We want to be there for you - We will be there for you

This offer is not only for the pupils but also for the parents. This particular situation, these changes raise questions, sometimes do not allow one to see a perspective.

Get in touch if you need help, be it counselling, support or if you just need someone to talk to.

You can reach us via the following ways.

Schreibt ’ne e-mail  an: j.maerkle@mariaberg.de oder klingelt auf dem Diensthandy durch: 01779772717. Zusätzlich könnt ihr uns auf Instagram  finden.

"Looking FORWARD together with courage and perspective. A smile adds to it!"

We look forward to seeing you

Liebe Grüße Julian und Team

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