13. June 2024

Community school

The Community school is an achievement-oriented school that supports children and young people with different talents. All pupils learn together.

Possible school-leaving qualifications at the community school

At the community school, the Hauptschulabschluss and the Realschulabschluss can be taken. The same final examinations are held as at the other general schools. If there is a public need, in particular a sufficient number of pupils, the community school can offer its own upper school and thus also the Abitur. In addition, a transfer to the upper school of a general grammar school or to a vocational grammar school is possible if the relevant requirements are met.

Learning in the community school

At the community school, teaching is offered at three different levels. The basic level leads to the Hauptschulabschluss, the intermediate level to the Realschulabschluss and the extended level to the Abitur. Learning is organised in a stimulating way for the pupils. Independent learning takes place just as much as learning together. Traditional teaching methods are also used. The pupils learn under the guidance of teachers. Teachers take on different roles: as learning guides, as coaches and as traditional teachers.

Making learning progress visible

Many pupils perform differently in different subjects. In the community school, except in the final classes and possibly in the upper school, they have the opportunity, in the individual subjects, to to learn at different levels. In order for all participants to be able to assess the learning progress correctly, the pupils usually work with competence grids. The pupils receive feedback on the questions about the respective learning areas: "What can I do?" and "How well can I do it?". The competence grid makes it possible to plan one's own learning process, set goals and find one's own learning pace. This also provides a central basis for discussions between pupils and teachers as well as for Counselling sessions with parentscreated.

Instead of a report card in which performance is assessed with grades, pupils in the community school receive a detailed learning development report. At the parents' request, the report can be supplemented with grades. In the community school, there is no "Sitzenbleiben"..

The registration form for class 5 can be found here: https://www.schulzentrum-stetten-akm.de/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/Anmeldeformular_Klasse_5_2023_2024-002.pdf