30 September 2023

Counselling offered by the school social work

Toby Buck and the Sozi Team

Dear parents, dear pupils, dear teachers

I hope you and your families are doing well and have made it through the Whitsun holidays. The upcoming Whitsun holidays can provide space and time for relaxation.

The prospect after the Whitsun holidays awakens perspective and confidence, the possibilities to meet again, to be allowed back to school are given again.

This experienced time has for us AllThe Corona Crisis is a challenge for children and adults alike, and in one situation or another the family system can be shaky. The prospect of a positive development of the Corona Crisis awakens confidence on the one hand, but worries and fears can also be awakened/intensified ("will it work out with school" - "have I done everything right as mum/dad" - "am I well prepared?"- "...").

I would like to give you the opportunity in this way and in my responsibility as a school social worker, if you are looking for advice, would like to exchange ideas or need help, you can contact me via my mobile phone or e-mail.

We can arrange an appointment (either on-site at the school or via an online video protal (Zoom or Skype). 

Download the Zoom app on your smartphone/tablet or PC and we will meet for a video meeting, confidentially and personally.

Kind regards Toby Buck