23. May 2024

Pastoral care at school


What is pastoral care in schools?

Service to people

Pastoral care in schools is a church offer for religious orientation and for a human togetherness in the living space of school.
It is oriented towards the specificity and needs of our school
It wants to be a place to seek out "sources of strength" for one's personal journey through life.

Open for all

Pastoral care in schools is to be understood as an invitation, regardless of religious affiliation.
It is an offer that is aimed at all those involved in school life, independently of the lessons.

Confidential and free of charge

Pastoral care in schools aims to accompany people in their personal questions, worries and needs (also in individual conversations) - on a confidential, free basis.

About me

My name is Martina Straub and I have been a Catholic religion teacher at the Stetten a.k.M. school centre since 2014.
I am married and have three grown-up sons.

In 2016/17/18 I completed a two-year training course to become a school chaplain and since September 2018 I have been officially commissioned by the Catholic Church to provide school chaplaincy, which also bears the costs for my pastoral work at the Stetten a.k.M. school centre.

Supporting children and their relatives and being there for them in difficult situations has always been a great need of mine.
You and, of course, your child are very welcome to bring your concerns.

Offers of pastoral care for schools

Counselling and accompaniment...

  • with personal and school problems
  • in personal life and crisis situations

Be an interlocutor...

  • When questions about meaning, about God or about a successful way of life are addressed.

Grief work and crisis intervention

  • Individual talks for mourners
  • Project "Grief Backpack

Helping to organise church services

Spirituality offers (Labyrinth, Taizé trip)

Projects around the church year for pupils


I look forward to getting in touch with you!

Martina Straub - School Chaplain
School secretary's office: Phone: 07573/95190 (Mrs. Hotz, Mrs. Keller)