20. May 2024

Snoopy Team

School year 2022/23

The Snoopy team introduces itself...

Viola Wolf, Johanna Bertsch, Jule Grathwohl, Eric Hirschberg

Viola Wolf, Johanna Bertsch, Jule Grathwohl, Eric Hirschberg

What is Snoopy?

...is a service offered by the school chaplaincy for the emotional care of primary school pupils and learning partners.

Who is Snoopy?

...gives support and help with
                             Farewell and mourning situations
   through dialogue support

Team consisting of school social work, school chaplaincy, learning facilitator and certified learning partners

     currentMr Buck, Mrs Straub, Mrs Ziegler
                       Erik Hirschberg, Johanna Bertsch, Viola Wolf and Jule Grathwohl (Learning group 9)

What is pastoral care in schools?

Service to people

Pastoral care in schools is a church offer for religious orientation and for a human togetherness in the living space of school.

It is oriented towards the specificity and needs of the school.

This developed into the Snoopyteam (2018), the Room of Silence (2022) and currently the Compassion Project (2022).

Pastoral care in schools wants to be a place to find "sources of strength" for one's personal journey through life.

Open for all

Pastoral care in schools is to be understood as an invitation, regardless of religious affiliation. It is an offer that is directed at all those involved in school life, independently of the lessons.

Confidential and free of charge

Pastoral care in schools aims to accompany people in their personal questions, worries and needs - on a confidential, free basis.

About me

I have been a Catholic religion teacher at the Stetten am kalten Markt school centre since 2014.

In the summer of 2018, I was officially commissioned by the Catholic Church as a school chaplain after successfully completing two years of further training. The Catholic Church also bears the costs for my pastoral work at the school centre.

Offers of the school chaplaincy

Counselling and accompaniment...

- with personal and school problems

- in personal life and crisis situations

Being an interlocutor...

  • When the questions of meaning, of God are addressed

Grief work and crisis intervention...

  • Project "Grief Backpack" - Snoopyteam
  • Room of Silence


  • Introduction and support

Helping to organise church services


Martina Straub - School Chaplain


School secretary: 07573 95190 (Mrs. Keller, Mrs. Hotz)