9. December 2023

Build your thing - Information event for learning groups 8 of the school centre Stetten a.k.M. on 17.05.2022

These are impressive figures with which the construction industry in in Germany has been able to score in recent times: about 12,000 apprenticeships annually, at least 820,000 employees, approx. 117 billion euros turnover per year - professions in the construction and skilled trades are an attractive future prospects for young trainees. The sector is for qualification measures and career planning, with CVs ranging from from secondary school leaving certificates to engineering degrees are not uncommon.

The training officer of the construction industry Jürgen Mayer, who, as a master bricklayer, now travels all over the lectures in which he gives schoolchildren an insight into common building trades. is himself an example of the motivation that this occupational field has the motivation that this occupational field radiates to the workers involved in making the value of craftsmanship to society. In his varied and informative presentation and informative presentation, the pupils have to distinguish between differentiate between a track-layer and a bricklayer, answer decision-making questions such as the maximum speed of an excavator, or understand how the plasterer is the "climate protector". plasterer is the "climate protector of the construction site". His quiz questions are questions are accompanied by short video portraits of common building trades, in each of which a apprentice presents his or her activities. Apprentice Benjamin says in the film, for says in the film, for example, that he is so enthusiastic about his work because of its diversity - every building is different. every building is different, you always have to deal with the most diverse different requirements on a construction site.

Contrary to the persistent prejudice that construction professions are are a typically male domain, biographies such as that of Jule Janson from Mühlacker show that the trade can also be interesting for young women. The concrete and reinforced concrete builder, guild winner and German master in her craft, who German master in her craft, who in the short film describes her career studies in civil engineering and aspires to further work as a construction construction manager, leaves the young audience momentarily speechless - she is only 21! is only 21!

The entertaining information event has inspired one or two people to actually inspired some to actually visit the website build-your-thing.com printed on the pencils and erasers that Mr. Mayer hands out as giveaways after the event. Mayer hands out as giveaways after the event: there you can find not only information about the professions presented, but also about open internships and apprenticeships for the start of a remarkable CV.