23. May 2024

Information about the work of school social work

School as a field of work

School social work is consistently integrated into the school system. This is particularly evident in the meetings in which they are regularly allowed to participate:

  • Parents' evenings
  • Class conferences
  • Teachers' conferences
  • Public school events
  • New admissions to the 1st class
  • Theme evenings

In addition, there are pedagogical days and round table meetings.

At the same time, the school social work maintains and intensifies the diverse cooperation contacts.

These essentially include:

  • Police - Violence prevention
  • Youth welfare offices ( Sigmaringen, Ravensburg) - Individual cases
  • Advice centres - Individual cases
  • School Board - Teacher counselling, cooperation teachers
  • Sigmaringen Children and Youth Agency - Internet
  • Employment office - Applications, apprenticeships

Main focus

The Stetten a.k.M. school centre, like all other schools, shows typical problem situations.

These include, among others:

  • Lack of social behaviour
  • Identity crises of the youth
  • Family crises
  • High proportion of foreigners / settlers and the associated problems
  • Learning difficulties of the pupils
  • Career choice
  • Competence difficulties
  • Propensity to violence
  • Addictive behaviour
  • Media issues
  • Lack of interest of parents in school life

In order to be able to deal with the problem areas, the following practice-relevant approaches were chosen by the school social work:

  • Individual case assistance
  • Group or class counselling
  • Applicant training
  • Parenting
  • Work in the school committees

Individual case assistance

Individual case support is a counselling service for pupils, teachers and parents to deal with specific problems. The counselling service is voluntary, which means that it is highly dependent on the cooperation of the person to be counseled.

Contacting the school social work takes place in different ways in this offer.

Many pupils are brought to the counselling via their teachers. But parents are also referred to the school social work by individual teachers when problems arise. However, pupils and parents also come to the counselling without contacting the teacher beforehand.

Consistent use of school social work from the teacher's side enables effective counselling and use of the school social work offer.

Main topics are mainly:

  • deficient services
  • Career opportunities
  • Communication problems between - parents - teachers - pupils
  • Lack of social behaviour
  • Crises in the parental home
  • Competence training
  • Applicant training
  • Puberty with its problems
  • Suicide
  • Independence from the parental home
  • Unwillingness to go to school
  • Sexual abnormalities
  • Violence prevention
  • Develop conflict resolution strategies
  • Developing perspectives with the young people


The group and class consultations are a constant companion to the daily work.

Most of the time, these are crisis interventions or problem areas that have arisen within the class group. This offer is accepted and used by all three types of schools (primary school, secondary school, community school) in roughly the same way.

Through the installation of so-called SoLe (social learning) lessons in the timetable, school social work is represented in many classes on a weekly basis. The focus of these SoLe lessons is, among other things, the introduction of the class council, the promotion of social behaviour, the cultivation of the class climate as well as the handling of current topics.

Applicant training

The school social work is active in the field of job search and application writing.

Local pupils turn to the school social work to use their contacts.

The school social workers provide information about secondary schools and support in writing job applications. In addition, one can be prepared for a job interview or receive support in the search for a traineeship / apprenticeship.


Parent work is an essential part of the school social work programme. This ranges from longer-term parent counselling sessions to short counselling sessions on the phone or face-to-face contact.

Work in the school committees

School social work participates in the various school committees to ensure meaningful networking.

These include:

  • Teachers' conferences
  • Round table
  • Level conferences
  • Class conferences
  • Parents' evenings
  • Class Councils