20. April 2024

Media prevention: lecture by the police

Kids already know from their own experience that WhatsApp and the like not only enable quick contacts, but can also get on their nerves after a very short time.

How to deal with spam and perhaps even criminal content as a learning partner was one of the important topics of the media advice given by police officer Fabian Hengstler from the prevention department in Sigmaringen, who informed the two learning groups 5 of the Stetten school centre last Monday and today in a three-hour event in each case about rules for chatting, sharing pictures online and giving personal address data. Especially interesting: how to create a secure password. If you make sure you use enough characters and combine upper and lower case with special characters, you have a good chance of not being hacked because thousands of running computers could only crack your code in several thousand years.

The young users found it particularly helpful that they could directly ask questions about problematic advertising requests or chat conversations and personally request help from Mr Hengstler. It quickly became clear that dangers on the net do not only affect those who are carefree when out and about, but actually each and every one of us.

Young people in particular still need a lot of help and support to find their way through the digital jungle. "Parents absolutely have to pay attention here and check chats or the use of apps together with their children," recommends Hengstler.

The school centre is planning a parent consultation hour to support and advise parents, which will deal with media use in learning group 5 - you will receive more information about this soon via our homepage.