20. April 2024

Youth trains for Olympia - Basketball

On Thursday, 08.12.2022, the basketball players of the Stetten school centre shone at the basketball tournament as part of Jugend trainiert für Olympia in Tailfingen.

Since sports teacher Julio Becerra has been training 17 boys from learning groups 7 to 9 in the popular sport, the game of basketball has come alive at the Stetten a.k.M. school centre. The athletes always meet at school on Friday lunchtime to work on sports game-specific endurance and agility.

Thus, the Stetten a.k.M. school centre was able to field two teams in the tournament. Both teams played fairly and with full ambition.

Budding professionals? The boys with full commitment to the basket shot.

In competition class III (7th/8th grade) they took the sensational first place, thus qualified for the RB finals (at government district level) and are allowed to go to another tournament in Tübingen, which made for joyfully beaming faces on our cover photo!

In competition class II, the boys of learning class 9 fought valiantly against the two tenth-grade teams, did not let them get down and took third place.

Exhausted, but satisfied: Armin Hotz and Julio Becerra with the basketball players from Lenr Group 9.

We and the watching parents are very proud of them!