20. April 2024

Star over Stetten

Already today, the learning groups 5 of the school centre Stetten gathered for their own Christmas devotion in the Catholic church St. Mauritius. On the theme of "Star over Stetten", Father Schelle told the story of a small insignificant star that by chance becomes the signpost to the baby Jesus - a motivating metaphor for all young people not to underestimate the value of their importance to the community and to be a light for others.
Some learning partners put this claim into practice almost immediately: this time, no prepared intercessions were read out, but the pupils themselves were asked to formulate a request spontaneously. In addition to good wishes for parents, grandparents, the sick and the unfortunate, prayers were made for an end to the war and a commemoration of the deceased was formulated.

At the end, the learning partners built a star out of people and held up their mobile phone torches in the darkened church to symbolically be the light themselves that will carry out into the world, which already begins in small ways, in the family, in the circle of friends and in their own learning group. If you look closely, you can clearly see the star shape in the photo...