20. April 2024

Are they good kids...?

There is an expectant silence among the first graders when Father Christmas and his entourage enter the classroom door. Some of them are not quite comfortable at first...but Father Christmas hands out a lot of praise for tasks done properly, a calm learning atmosphere and that people help each other as a matter of course. In return, the angels give them mandarins and a small gift bag, and since the school centre has only good children to show, Knecht Ruprecht is a little disappointed not to be able to put a villain in his sack...

For this year's visit to the primary school children, we would like to thank the venerable St. Nicholas Clauses Jonas Jacob and Ben Graf, the lovely little angels Thessa Oswald, Lisa-Marie Kunstmann, Lorena Buhl and Christina Sieber and the fearsome farmhands Matty Wetterer and Nils Bücheler as well as the lightning-fast reindeer Countess Amélie Bernadotte and Marcel Niester!