13. June 2024

Remembrance Day in Stetten: Reminding words from the young generation

In keeping with tradition The municipality of Stetten am kalten Markt commemorated yesterday's Volkstrauertag with a a memorial service for the victims and fallen of the two world wars.

Mayor Lehn particularly praised the commitment of the learning partners from learning group 9 of the school centre. who read out their own contributions in memory of the war victims before wreaths were laid before wreaths were laid at the war memorial in the castle courtyard. were laid.

The contributions of the learning partners and learning partners to read:


When a child child grows up with criticism - it learns to judge!

If a child child grows up with hate - it learns to fight!

If a child grows up child grows up with ridicule - it learns to be shy!

When a child If a child grows up with shame - it learns to feel guilty!

If a child child grows up with tolerance - it learns to be patient!

When a child child grows up with encouragement - it learns to be confident!

When a child If a child grows up with praise - it learns to be grateful!

If a child grows up If a child grows up with honesty - it learns to be just!

When a child grows up with security - it learns to be confident!

When a child child grows up with appreciation - it learns to appreciate itself!

If a child grows up grows up with kindness and goodness - it learns to love the world!


This day should teach us that it is wrong to wait until the power and the horrors of a dictatorship become immeasurable. We must protect democracy democracy and do all we can to ensure that it does not the victim of false idealism and blind allegiance.


We children and young people in Germany are lucky enough never to have been affected by wars. wars ourselves, and yet we hear and see in the news and social news and social media how terrible it is for others our age in other countries. our age in other countries. Today we want to think of these children and and young people and hope for them that they will survive this time as well as possible. as possible.


The time of the world wars forced many people to start their lives completely anew. On the ruins of their possessions or in other countries. Today, too, many people have to leave their old lives behind and are forced to make a new start. By remembering the people of that time, perhaps we can develop a little more understanding for the people of today who are in this situation today through no fault of their own.


Remembrance Day. A day on which an entire nation joins together to remember terrible events of the past. Let us use this occasion of to remind ourselves that we must stand together so that the events of history together so that the events of history are not repeated. No matter we come from, let us look to the future together and not be divided in difficult divided in difficult situations.


We remember the fallen soldiers, the prisoners and all those who have witnessed violence, devastation and grief. We remember those who sacrificed and stood together. Without them, we might not be where we are today.


Today we commemorate the people who were not lucky enough to die after a long and fulfilled life. after a long and fulfilled life, but of those who had not yet life, who were torn from their lives and became victims of the two of both World Wars and National Socialism.


So many people have died in the war. And there is still war in some countries. That has to stop. But there is also violence in everyday life. Children are beaten by others or hit someone else. We should learn from the mistakes and not repeat the mistakes of history. We should give instead of take.


Lasting peace cannot be prepared by threats, but only by the but only through an honest attempt to establish mutual trust.


Our own lives are marked by the hope of reconciliation and peace among people and peoples. This is our responsibility as a young generation at home and in the world. want to perceive.