14. July 2024

Learning group 6 visits the "Sorcerer's Apprentice

Article by Jennifer Sieber, Learning Group 6.1

Where? Town Hall Hechingen

Evaluation: I would give the theatre 10 out of 10 points - you're welcome to come and see it!

Written by: Jennifer Sieber, 12 years old

What happened in The Sorcerer's Apprentice:

As the name suggests, it was about a sorcerer's apprentice, who had to clean, hang out laundry and much more. His master, the had to travel to Blocksberg because he wanted to be the most powerful magician. wizard.

The wizard had a book full of spells that no one was allowed to was not allowed to look into. But when the wizard left, his apprentice looked into the spellbook to book to hang up the washing, but somehow it didn't work. didn't work. The apprentice got tangled in the clothesline and did everything wrong.

When the wizard came back and saw the mess, he told his apprentice to clean it up. he told his apprentice to clean everything up. As he was about to leave the room, he stepped his self-made "flying hoop", but it did not work as it was it was supposed to. So the magician was stuck in the hoop and stuttered that his apprentice should to look in the spell book. The apprentice didn't want to at first, but but then he did and stopped the magic of the tyre.

As a reward, they baked a magic cake for the apprentice. magic cake.