22. June 2024

Talent competition of the SMV

The SMV of the Stetten a.k.M. school centre wanted to remain present during the lockdown and was looking for talents at the school centre in Stetten a.k.M.. There were no restrictions; the talents could be of a sporting, musical or artistic nature. Due to the pandemic, the participants were asked to send their video via Schul.cloud to the student representatives Julia Ruff and Frank Rieger.

These determined the placements based on criteria.


The participants did not make it easy for them, although they all presented a sporting talent. What mattered to them was the originality, the execution, the difficulty and the presentation.

The prizes were a healthy snack for third place, a drinking bottle with the school logo for second place and a voucher at the Pizzeria Galerie for first place.


Third place went to David Hotz from learning group 5, who dared to jump from the highest point of his climbing frame onto the trampoline. Second place went to Anastasia Leutner, learning group 6, who impressed with a flick flack on the trampoline, and first place went to Noah Kaip, also learning group 5, who presented a variation of tricks with the bicycle and convinced with his video design.


The participants were congratulated by the student representatives and received a certificate.


Congratulations to the three talents!


Author: Kathrin Spröder