14. July 2024

School social work - information on services

Dear parents, pupils and students

The pandemic continues to present us with challenges which we can and must overcome together. 

We, the school social work Stetten akM, would like to continue to offer you the possibility to get some variety in your everyday life. In the following we would like to present our offers for you pupils and parents:

  • We will continue to offer daily meetings at 10am for the primary students who are home-schooling. These morning meetings are filled with break time stories, puzzle games and movement games. If you have not yet attended a meeting, please go to the school's website where you will find instructions on how to use the video conferencing tool 'Z'.oom` used will.
  • Our Primary school padlet is filled weekly with great new offers, recipes, games and ideas. A padlet is a digital noticeboard where texts, pictures, videos, links and much more can be stored. We would be pleased if you would take a look at the padlet and give us feedback. Here we have the QR code for the primary school padlet:
QR code for this padlet
  • For just under two weeks now, we have also had a Padlet for you secondary school students (LG 5 - LG 10). We have filled it with topics and information, such as cool browser games, challenges, delicious recipes, etc. This padlet is also updated weekly. We are happy if you use this offer. Please feel free to send us your wishes and suggestions. Here is the QR code for your padlet:
QR code for this padlet
  • We have also recently launched a Parent padlet created. On this padlet you, dear parents, will find information, tips and help regarding the current situation and challenges. Take a look, maybe there is something for you. You are welcome to send us feedback, wishes and concerns. Here is the QR code for the parent padlet:
QR code for this padlet
  • Another offer for our secondary students is our Discord server. This is a digital platform where we meet twice a week. On this server we play games such as City-Country-River, try to crack the million dollar question on 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' or we battle it out on Monday Painter or SongTrivia. This offer is always on Tuesday and Thursday from 17:00 - 18:00. In this hour, we want to bring variety into the students' daily routine and offer them a supervised opportunity to 'do something' with their classmates. 

Here is the link (from learning group 5 - learning group 10) if you would like to drop in and have an hour of fun together: 


We look forward to seeing you. Stay healthy and take care of yourselves and your fellow human beings.

Toby and team

School social work counselling service: Here once again a note and the most important communication channels.