20. June 2024

Stetten Summer Theatre 2023 - Participants wanted!

Dreams of the future?!

Under this title, the director of the Theater Lindenhof Stefan Hallmayer is planning a new major performance as part of the Stetten Summer Theatre, which in 2019 will be staged with the performance "So close to heaven" celebrated a grandiose success.

The outlines of the current piece have already been decided - but the details are still top secret: In a distant future, long after the dissolution of modern society, humanity struggles to survive in archaic groups. Without technology. Without internet. Without a state...

If you already have tingles running down your spine, you can be especially happy about this call:

For the open-air performances next summer, we are looking for participants - pupils, teachers, interested people. Particularly exciting: depending on how many applications are received, the play will take on a different form...

Hallmayer's concern is to let young people in particular participate in the emerging project and to create theatrical educational experience spaces. Work on the play will start in the second half of the school year; 13 rehearsal units are planned until the summer. The theatre group, which is being created on a voluntary basis, will be accompanied by Hallmayer and a theatre teacher. "The participants must be prepared to commit to the final rehearsals on the Schlossplatz and to the play dates, i.e. they must also invest a little of their free time," emphasises Hallmayer.

Hallmayer has already proven that this commitment is worthwhile in terms of its outcome with his last production, which was highly praised by Minister President Winfried Kretschmann during his visit to the theatre in 2019.

For all those interested, here are the dates of the planned performances in advance:
The play will celebrate its premiere on 14 July 2023.
The other performances will take place on three consecutive weekends: 14-16 July, 21-23 July and 28-30 July.

Contact persons are production manager Jürgen Klaus and Annika Gscheidle for the cooperation between school and theatre, which can also be reached via their Instagram presence.

Download the registration form: