14. July 2024

Youth Garage Project - how's it going?

The reporter team Emily and Nikoleta have collected a few voices of the learning group 10 from the creative workshop for you. Open Mike captured.

How did the work go and how did you feel about it?

Sarah: "It was fun and I really liked the idea, loved doing it!"
Jule: "I thought it was very cool, it was something different that you don't do that often!"
Sina: "It was exciting to learn something new!"
David: "I found it amusing, fun, learned a lot!"

Would you do such a project again?

Jule: "It would be a nice idea, you could do it more often!"
David: "Yes, definitely!"
Anna: "Maybe not in the study group, but otherwise yes!"

What have you learned?

Lena: "Teamwork!"
Jule: "You know how to spray properly now, probably not many people can do that and you don't learn it often."
Sina: "You learned many different techniques..."
David: "...how to make straight lines with a spray can."

And what did you learn from Mike?

Jule: "How to do shading with a spray can!"

And of course, to feel enthusiasm at work...as you can see in the photos!

Proud of their own work: (from left) Jonas Jacob, Nils Bücheler, Hannes Kraft, Sarah Nolle, Anna Strölin, David Steidle, Jule Glückler, Dawid Sielicki and Lennox Joachimi with Open Mike