23. May 2024

New faces at the Stetten school centre

This school year, the Stetten School Centre welcomes many new colleagues who enrich the student body and the teaching staff with their work and commitment and ensure a good supply of lessons in the current school year.

At the primary school, Maria Fröhlich from Sigmaringen has taken up her work as class teacher of 3b after successfully completing her traineeship. She attaches particular importance to a pleasant class atmosphere that makes the pupils enjoy coming to school. Privately, she has been involved for many years as a youth leader with the German Alpine Club.

Annika Gscheidle from Stetten a.k.M. is also a trainee teacher, mainly in class 3, and is happy to share her love of her hometown with the local primary school pupils.

Renate Biselli from Leibertingen is a primary and secondary school teacher and class teacher of 3a. It is important to her to get the children excited about the flora and fauna in their own homeland.

Annika Löffler from Stetten started her teaching career as a primary school teacher at the school centre last year after successfully completing her traineeship. As the class teacher of class 4a, she is particularly interested in awakening in her protégés the joy of learning, reading and a love of nature.

At the community school, Annette Karsten was hired as a Real and Hauptschule teacher after successfully completing her traineeship. She is a learning group facilitator for 8.2 and has also been living in Stetten a.k.M. since this school year. In addition to her teaching work, she is responsible for digital education, the coordination of Ipads in class and the further development of digital lesson design. In addition to her teaching, she gives dance courses for modern dance in Albstadt.

New at the GMS is Realschule teacher Mihael Sim from Sigmaringen, who successfully completed his traineeship at the Liebfrauenschule last school year. He is a learning group facilitator for LG 7.1 and is responsible for the school's network administration. As a hobby, he is passionate about playing volleyball.

Realschule teacher Ina Christlbauer, who is teaching at the GMS this year on secondment from the Grafen-von-Zimmern-Realschule Meßkirch, is a learning group tutor for 7.2. Her hobbies are badminton and fitness.

Jessica Zwick from Veringenstadt has already been employed as a teacher for Werkreal, Real and Hauptschule after her traineeship at the GMS last school year. She is a learning group facilitator for LG 8.1 and, as BO representative, is responsible for planning and coordinating vocational orientation at the community school.

Andrea Ruda from Stetten returns to the GMS after a year's secondment in Sigmaringen and is mainly employed as a subject teacher for Physical Education and Catholic Religion. She is committed to the further development of the school centre as a certified school with a movement education focus. As a trainer in the fitness and health centre, she strengthens the cooperation in inclination sports between school and club. Outside of school, she is active as a local councillor in Stetten.

Ilona Nóbik-Scheel joined the GMS last school year as a new music teacher. She was born in Hungary, studied music and philosophy/ethics at the universities of Pécs and Tübingen in 2009 and works as a part-time organist.

Leonie Baier has also been teaching secondary school at GMS for a year. She is a secondary school French teacher and is involved in setting up a student exchange with a French school.

Tina Wolfram from Stetten a.k.M. has strengthened the GMS team since June 2020. The primary, secondary and intermediate school teacher moved from the community school in Mengen to the school centre after parental leave. As a subject teacher, she teaches Catholic religion in primary school as well as mathematics, AES and BNT in secondary school.

Realschule teacher Carolin Nipp from Krauchenwies is back at GMS after a break of several years and teaches the subjects mathematics and AES. It is important to her to give the learning partners everyday skills for their future lives.

In the area of inclusion, this year two teachers who had also taught at the school centre are looking after pupils with special educational needs. Dorothea Asal from Bisingen, who studied language and learning disability education, is employed in the primary school in classes 1, 3 and 4 and in the secondary school in learning groups 6, 7 and 9.

Special needs teacher Michael Cafetzakis from Sigmaringen is responsible for inclusion in learning group 5.1.

The quality of a good school is measured not only by optimal teaching provision but also by well-developed school social work, which offers a contact point for children in need and can provide flanking measures for school success. Tobias Buck, head of school social work at the Stetten school centre, can rely on additional staff in his team this school year: Emely Tiefenbach from Ort and Lara Reise from Ort will support him in the primary school's all-day programme until next year and are responsible for the Kubus meeting place, which offers break activities and meeting times for the GMS pupils.

Leonhard Löffler from Stetten a.k.M. is currently studying social work, network and social space work. He is active as a school paramedic and support worker for school social work.

Social pedagogue Karin Geuder from Winterlingen is the contact person for the social group work (SGA), which takes place on Wednesday afternoons at the school. The cooperation offer in cooperation with the youth department of the district of Sigmaringen and the Mariaberger A&S gGmbH is aimed at children and young people from the 5th grade and serves to strengthen social-emotional competences.

Leif Bauer graduated from secondary school at the community school last year and is now active in his voluntary social year as an additional support worker for the primary school pupils in physical education. Besides school, he likes to play basketball or football, which is particularly popular with the pupils.

Overall, the Stetten school centre is thus well staffed this school year as well and can guarantee a consistently high quality of teaching and care for the pupils.

In the photo from left to right: Mihael Sim, Renate Biselli, Ilona Nobik-Scheel, Maria Fröhlich and Ina Christlbauer.