30 September 2023

Department WBS: Sustainable Entrepreneurship Education at GMS Stetten

That the question of the future of our planet is burning under the nails, the Fridays for Future in an impressive way to the public's awareness. But demonstrating alone is not enough. Concrete measures are needed to protect the world and its people from impending catastrophes.

The global community's 2030 Agenda formulates 17 goals for global sustainable development: conserving resources, counteracting climate change and stabilising the living conditions of all people. In the educational plans for schools, they are found in the guiding perspective of ESD, the Education for sustainable development. It is not primarily about imparting theoretical knowledge, but about the experience that each individual can make a contribution to a livable world by contributing his or her creative potential.

The learning groups 9 of the school centre Stetten a.k.M. participated in the SE*Stars project last week under the guidance of the BO representative Ms Jessica Zwick. The innovative learning course originates from Charlotte Diepolder, who created a programme as part of her doctorate at the University of Education in Weingarten and the University of Constance to get young people excited about constructive problem solving for global challenges. SE*Stars means Sustainable Entrepreneurship Education and makes sustainable entrepreneurship a tangible experience for pupils in grades 8-10. In cooperation with companies from the region around Lake Constance, the students use creative techniques to apply interdisciplinary content from the subjects WBS (business, career and study orientation), AES (everyday culture, nutrition, social issues) and biology to design prototypes for products or services. The results are critically reflected on via feedback from the host companies and their suitability for the guiding principle of sustainability is evaluated. At the end, the students receive a certificate for their successful participation.

Jessica Zwick, who has been doing outstanding work in vocational orientation at the Stetten a.k.M. community school since she started, is very satisfied with the results of the test run: "Vocational orientation is one of the pillars of our education at a community school. With projects like this, we are already creating a first introduction to entrepreneurial thinking that could not be taught in traditional classroom work."

After completion of the evaluation phase, in which the opportunities and risks of the project are finally examined, it will be decided if SE*Stars can become a compulsory module at GMS Stetten.