23. May 2024

"Yes, we can!!!" - Graduation ceremonies at the Stetten a.k.M. school centre

By Gerd Feuerstein / Anne Ziegler

Stetten a.k.M. (gfe) This year's graduates of the Stetten am kalten Markt school centre experienced an unprecedented graduation ceremony: By all standards under pandemic conditions, the two ceremonies of the Hauptschule and Realschule graduates of the GMS Stetten a.k.M. took place at different times and separately from each other this year. 
In addition to the now familiar distance rules, there was now a new restriction of only being allowed to bring a maximum of two accompanying persons to the ceremony. Whereas in the past it was possible to cheer with the whole family, it was now difficult to decide who was allowed to be there and who had to stay at home. Another drop of bitterness was that the ceremony was not held after the end of the programme, when the successful school leavers could have been toasted with canapés and champagne.
Perhaps this is why the responsible learning guides and the school management made a special effort to celebrate the evening in a fitting manner and to give the learning partners an unforgettable memory.
As if to compensate, the first year under Corona conditions found an unusually artfully decorated Alemannenhalle, which was pleasantly filled with festively dressed guests despite the limited number of participants. And even though people were sitting much further apart than last year, the remarkable quality of the speeches and contributions compensated for the slightly dampened party mood. The learning guides Mrs. Hörger and Mrs. Spröder easily managed to make the hall laugh with an original photo story about the cancelled 10th grade graduation trip. In her warm-hearted speech, the parents' representative Mrs Karin Arends praised the learning partners' profitable time at the Stetten school centre. Likewise, the congratulations of the Federal President Frank-Walter-Steinmeier from Bellevue Palace, broadcast via video feed, provided a festive note. As is well known, in the last few days the Federal President has launched a campaign for school graduation 2020, which many celebrities have joined in the meantime.
Headmaster Klaus Flockerzie was pleased that all learning partners passed their respective exams and had "a plan in their pocket" for the future. "The first milestone has been reached," Mayor Maik Lehn also congratulated and paid tribute to all learning partners "respect and recognition" because they had continued to learn with motivation and energy despite homeschooling and school absences: "The doors for a successful future are now open to you," Lehn said. At the same time, he made it clear that in the future, too, it would always be a matter of "constantly continuing and furthering one's education", no matter what was in store for the individual. Lehn's thanks went to the entire teaching staff and especially to the parents, who had to overcome "great challenges". Flockerzie also paid special tribute to the "unbelievably committed extra work" of the teaching staff, the school secretaries and the parents.
The achievements of the 52 learning partners make the school centre proud of its graduates: The two learning groups of the Realschulabschluss examination an overall average of 2.3. In this group there were numerous prize winners with top marks for an individual subject or the overall performance. Anna Gröner achieved the best Realschulabschluss 2020 with a dream grade of 1.1 and was awarded the prize for the best Realschulabschluss and the special prize of the municipality of Stetten a.k.M.. The best secondary school graduate with a grade point average of 1.8 is Pia Nitt, who, in addition to the prize for the best secondary school graduation and a commendation, also received the special prize from the municipality of Stetten a.k.M..
But it is not only professional performance that counts in Stetten: "the sophomores were a great class community with a high level of social competence," as headmaster Klaus Flockerzie and his deputy Jürgen Lebherz jointly emphasised. "You were an absolute top class that developed a level of independence that is second to none," said Lebherz and also praised the parents, with whom there had never been any problems in six years, as "absolutely exceptional". 
The fact that the interpersonal relationship between the learning guides and learning partners was also characterised by mutual appreciation and sympathy was expressed at the celebration, especially by the closing words of thanks from the learning partners: "We hope to see each other again one day". 
The school centre hopes so too and is already looking forward to it!

Realschulabschluss 2020

ØParticipants 34 (+ 3 E-level Lp`s)
Total with Lp`s at E-level2,3

* without E-level

Special prizes for best performance in the ...

SubjectLearning partner
Best RealschulabschlussSpecial prize of the municipality of Stetten a.k.M.Anna Gröner (1,1)
...Profile subject SportTim Wolf (1.0)
....Profile subject NWTMaximilian Strolin 
.... GermanJannik Riester (1.0)
Mathematics Special Prize of the Sparkasse for very good performanceJoleen Bücheler (1,1)
Jan Merz (1,2) 
EnglishJan Merz (1,3)
FrenchTim Wolf
Eurokom - Communication AuditManfred Ehnle (1.0)
Social commitment for the levelAnna Gröner
Svea Wagner
Social commitment at school and in the SMVMarius Graf
Tim Wolf

Degree-related awards

Anna Gröner 1.1Svenja Löffler 1.9
Joleen Bücheler 1.4Jan Merz 1.9
Luisa Hotz 1.5Florian Herbig 2.0
Svea Britt Wagner 1.6Marius Graf 2.1
Celine Merz 1.7Nico Merz 2.1
Julia Herbig 1.7Ansiha Reizte 2.2
Maximilian Strolin (E)1.5Felix Unrath 2.2
Tim Wolf (E)1.5Philipp Herrmann (E)2,1 

Secondary school leaving certificate 2020

ØParticipant (15)
 from 9.1, 9.2, 9.33,0
Special prices 
Best secondary school graduationSpecial prize of the municipality of Stetten a.k.M.Pia Nitt (1.8)

Degree-related awards

CommendationPia Nitt (1.8)