29. February 2024


An eventful school year has come to an end - once again there are some far-reaching changes for the GMS in the coming school year, which were the theme of the celebrations on the last day of school yesterday.

In the traditional service at the end of the school year, Pastor Schelle looked back with tongue-in-cheek humour at things in the past for which one can be grateful, even though one does not necessarily feel that way: for example, for the fact that mum occasionally did the homework or that "the person sitting next to us always had a fresh shower". But above all for the fact that today's memorable day was shared and that we will see each other again after the holidays.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the small and large participants in the service who moved hearts with their contributions! Special thanks go to Mrs Nóbik-Scheel for her musical direction at the organ.

After handing out the learning development reports, the school community gathered in the Alemannenhalle to celebrate the honouring of the year's best in the Federal Youth Games as well as the farewells of teachers and helpers.

From Class 1 and 2, Ben Peter and Maxima Gräfin Bernadotte were able to win the competitions of the Federal Youth Games. In class 3 and 4, Julius Goreth, Lorena Buhl, Benedikt Grom and Emma Sauter achieved the top places.

The winners from the primary school

In the secondary level, the highest scores among the girls were achieved by Christina Sieber (1132), Pia Breithaupt (1083), Amélie Gräfin Bernadotte (1222), Lenja Bücheler (1278), Sophia Nagel (1170), Camille Wolf (1153) and Cassandra Kuciak (851^). Among the boys, Romeo Joachimi (822), Jeremy Dillmann (874), David Hotz (1109), Sean Tritasco (1177), Phil Pepke (1283), Matty Wetterer (1375) and Erik Stein (1076) were awarded.

Jürgen Lebherz and Nadja Baldischwiler honour the best from secondary level I

For special commitment to fellow pupils or the school community, the learning groups 8.1 and 8.2 as well as the learning partners Leonie Braun and Erik Stein were awarded the school's social prize (cover photo).

A total of three dance groups under the direction of Andrea Ruda presented performances between the individual speeches and awards, some with an increased level of sporting difficulty.

Kira, Leonie and Aurelia from 6.1
Ariana, Amalia, Lisa and Nazira from 6.1
Cayenne, Amélie, Zoey, Lena, Sophia and Pia from 6.2

On this day, Principal Christof Probst and Deputy Principal Jürgen Lebherz said goodbye to Elke Henle, Ilona Nóbik-Scheel, Ina Christlbauer and Julio Becerra, as well as the assistants Leif Bauer and Leonhard Löffler. Student representative Matty Wetterer thanked everyone in a personal speech and Maria Montalbano presented everyone with their farewell gifts with words of praise.

Giving something valuable back: Elke Henle, Tobias Buck, Leonhard Löffler, Ilona-Nóbik-Scheel, Ina Christlbauer and Leif Bauer thank the Stetten pupils and teachers for their warm-hearted cooperation.

The school community also has to part with its long-time school social worker Tobias Buck, who had enriched life at the school centre with a wealth of activities and offers of help. It is not only the outstanding quality of his work that will be missed at the school, as Jürgen Lebherz emphasised in his speech, but also "Toby" as a person - as a contact person for every concern, as an indispensable advisor, as a pillar of social life in everyday school life. Tears were shed when Toby received words of thanks and presents from learning partners, parent representative Miriam Reinhold and secretary Gabi Hotz. "Some farewells are so special that you have to wear a baseball cap for them," Christof Probst explained with emotion. As a sign of their appreciation for Toby, everyone present had put on a cap that the school social worker had always worn on duty. The school community thanked their "world's best school social worker" with a standing ovation before everyone was allowed to come forward and give him a personal hug.

In his words of thanks, Tobias Buck expressed the wish that the school community would welcome his successor as warmly as he himself had arrived here: "Give him time to get to know you and the school!"

The coming year is eagerly awaited by all - "there are big shoes to fill for Toby Buck's successor", Miriam Reinhold summed up the question of his succession. Christof Probst hopes to have a new staff without any losses by the beginning of the school year. In addition, the tablet with the virtual learning environment DiLer will be introduced as a teaching tool in learning groups 5 from September in order to advance the GMS's entry into digital teaching.