25. May 2024

We collect moments of happiness!


Together with the AOK, the working group of the Youth/Social/Prevention Forum of the Sigmaringen District Office sends the project "Happiness comes to..." on a journey through communities in the Sigmaringen district. 

Many people succeed in finding a good balance in their lives with a healthy optimism and worldly wisdoms such as "Laughter makes you healthy" or "It's easier to get through life with humour". Other people do not find their inner balance or their "happiness in life" so easily. The Corona situation and the repeated lockdowns have made this even more difficult for many people and increased consumption of very different kinds. For example, there were repeated consumption-oriented "challenges" on social media during the lockdowns. These trends worried the experts of the Addiction Prevention Working Group. 

"You have to reckon with everything, even the beautiful". 

That is why from 01.10.: "Happiness comes to Stetten am kalten Markt!"
Together with our cooperation partners from the district of Sigmaringen, we, the school social work, want to set an example against consumption-oriented trends in society, such as binge drinking challenges among young people and adults in social media. 

Our intention is, to shift the focus from personal worries to the beautiful moments in life, however small they may be: a football match at break time, praise from the teacher, a great activity in the club, a games evening with the family, a meeting with close friends, and much more.
"When we manage to consciously perceive a small moment of happiness, our sorrow becomes a little smaller. I actually notice a change in mood. As soon as I ask people about their moments of happiness, the conversation often becomes more cheerful and heartfelt."
(AGJ Addiction Counselling Sigmaringen)

More info also here on the page of the School social work!