20. June 2024

Youth Garage Project

"Don't twist the bottle with the line - always keep it straight and only circle it from the angle of your hand!"

Michael Becker or Open Mike from Stuttgart is a professional graffiti sprayer and has already immortalised himself on dozens of building walls - including the outdoor swimming pool in Stetten and the Realschule Winterlingen. In addition to company workshops and team-building projects, which he offers regularly, Open Mike, who has been working independently for 7 years, will be spraying the youth garage opposite the Stetten school centre in the next few weeks together with the learning groups 9.1 and 10.1 in order to make the frequented student meeting place even more attractive.

Open Mike explains the correct spraying technique

The project came about after a suggestion by Mayor Maik Lehn. Technology teacher Christian Leich worked with the learning partners in class to create design templates and motifs for the walls of the garage, which are to be redesigned by the learning partners in the coming weeks.

To legally press the spray button and immortalise oneself - that the youth dream also requires a bit of skill was immediately noticed by the learning partners at yesterday's project launch when they tried their hand at the cardboard box. At least it was more fun than the German lesson that was cancelled for it. But some of them still have to practise drawing the lines...we will keep you informed about the project!