13. June 2024

Primary school action day - healthy and sporty on the road

This was the motto of today's primary school action day, which the organising team of the sports department of the Stetten school centre carried out together with the school social work and learning partners from grades 7-9.
Julio Becerra, Kathrin Hocheder, Katja Klaiber and David Bücheler created a varied and educational school day for the youngest children of the school centre: In addition to various activities in the gym with strengthening, coordinative and cognitive-motor training movement offers, a walk in the fresh air was taken and a fruit snack for in between was offered as part of the healthy nutrition. The primary school students had already started the morning with a healthy breakfast in the classroom and were also taught by their teachers about the effects of healthy eating and sports on the body.

At the end, each pupil received a certificate with a logo specially designed for Primary School Day, drawn by Mateo Adasme from 8.2.

Healthy snack in between