22. June 2024

New student representatives at the school centre

On 06 November 2019, the students as well as the learning partners elected their representatives for the school year 2019/2020. After a round of introductions the day before, in which the candidates presented their ideas, it was time for the 3rd-10th grade to go to the ballot box the next day.

Joleen Bücheler (10.2), Marius Graf (10.1), Tim Hartmann (9.2)

Tim Hartmann, learning group 9.2, won the election with 23% of the votes. Marius Graf, learning group 10.1, was elected Marius Graf, study group 10.1, was elected as the first deputy with 21% of the Joleen Bücheler, learning group 10.2, was elected as second deputy with 18% of the votes. deputy with 18% of the votes.

This year, the SMV (=Schülermitverantwortung) has some big projects coming up: the St. Nicholas campaign for the primary school pupils is just around the corner. The rest of the year will be planned at the SMV days at the end of November.

M. Hörger