22. June 2024

Digital devotion at the school centre during the Advent season

The idea was to prepare a small digital devotion for the learning partners and pupils on three themes of hope, light and love instead of a church service. Ms Jana Wohlleben, who took the initiative, decided with the group of pupils on the theme of hope, as it fits particularly well at this time. As part of the religious education lessons, the learning partners of grade seven then anonymously wrote down a sentence on the theme of hope. The only requirement was that the sentence should be from the world of the learning partners so that their fellow pupils also felt addressed. A well-known song by a German rapper was chosen as the lyrics. Together, the teacher and the learning partner searched for suitable text modules on the Internet and then formulated the text passages between the song lines. Max Maag, Philip Kuhn, John Hermann, Florian Adler, Sarah Rieger, Bogdan Iovan and Matty Mattes from learning groups 7, 8 and 9 were involved in the technical implementation on the tablet. They also recorded the texts. The final piece was an aphorism by Oscar Wilde, which the group spoke together.

Listen to the devotion of 1.12.
Listen to the devotion from 7.12.
Listen to the devotion from 14.12.