2. December 2023

Class 3a wins photo competition

Renate Biselli is proud of her kids: the 3a won the photo competition "Our home in focus" with the picture "A colourful kingdom for insects". The project "Protecting and promoting biological diversity - our home in focus" is aimed at primary school pupils in the 3rd and 4th grades in Baden-Württemberg in the school year 2022/2023. The topics of nature conservation and preservation of habitat diversity are to be brought home to them in a child-friendly way.

The meadow shown in the photo is a small natural paradise that provides a home and shelter for many insects and free-living animals. It is particularly useful as a nectar source for various wild bees. In order to contribute to their protection, class 3a built insect hotels out of old cans and natural filling material and placed them both on the meadow and in the schoolyard of the school centre - a mason bee was already spotted during the break!

The 3a are happy about their winnings.

In addition to the publication of the winning entry, the primary school class received 100 euros for the class treasury, flower marbles and a certificate.