23. May 2024

Electric guitars for the school centre Stetten a.k.M.

The Stetten a.k.M. school centre fulfilled a long-cherished wish from the PS net proceeds that the Sparkasse Pfullendorf-Meßkirch distributed to schools this year: two sky-blue electric guitars. "They are two Harley Benton HB- 40 R, which are excellent learning instruments. And the sound is great," says the dedicated music teacher Ilona Nobic-Scheel.

The guitarists were able to prove their good sound already at their first performance, this year's graduation ceremony. Before the graduation ceremony, the students had practised very often, sometimes even every day - also in the big breaks, in the afternoons and in their free time.

The pupils are highly motivated and have a lot of fun playing. This has been made possible by the many savings bank customers who not only feed their own savings account with their PS tickets, participate in a lottery and win attractive prizes. They also support charitable projects.

From left to right: Mr Probst, Mr Kohl, Dawid Sielicki, Andreas Fiebig, Ilona Nobik- Scheel and Daniel Kratschmann