1. March 2024

New trainee teachers at the Stetten School Centre

Primary school: Ms Stefanie Schönbucher
Secondary school: Mrs Annette Karsten

At the beginning of the second school semester 2021, the trainee teachers Ms Stefanie Schönbucher and Ms Annette Karsten have started their training as trainee teachers at the Stetten School Centre. 

Ms Stefanie Schönbucher (25) from Vilsingen will strengthen the primary school team. She graduated in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in primary school teaching from the University of Education in Weingarten and is currently studying for a Master of Education degree. Privately, she is active in several clubs, e.g. TSV Vilsingen, and has already been able to gain a wide range of experience in supervising the children's holiday programme and leading the children's gymnastics group for 4-7 year-olds in Vilsingen.

Ms Annette Karsten (28) from Albstadt studied art, mathematics and German at the PH Weingarten after attending the Gymnasium Ebingen and will teach in the community school of the school centre. In addition to her subject profile, she is fluent in Russian and English and pursues artistic interests such as competitive dance, ballet and painting in her free time. She has been a volunteer coach in guard and show dancing since 2007. After Lockdown, Ms Karsten would like to offer modern dance in Albstadt.

In this special year of training, the two prospective teachers have to cope above all with the changed teaching conditions of the Corona period, in which learning is predominantly digital due to the absence of classroom teaching, which is new territory for everyone involved. However, both feel well equipped in the face of this challenge and expect important impulses and insights for their work in later professional years.