13. June 2024

DFB Football Day at the Stetten am kalten Markt School Centre

At yesterday's first children's football day at the Stetten a.k.M. school centre, the 6th grade learning partners were able to gain their first experience of professional football training. Coach Günter Rommel from the Goal football school, who has a DFB A licence, instructed the pupils in the basic techniques of passing, shooting, dribbling and feinting. 

The two groups of learners were delighted to receive a package of training equipment with which they could complete some demanding technical and coordination exercises. At the subsequent award ceremony, each pupil was proud to receive his or her certificate of participation and a T-shirt, albeit without an audience that would certainly have applauded generously due to the hygiene regulations in force.

The school centre hopes that the event can take place again next year thanks to the diverse support of local sponsors.