20. April 2024

Christmas Market 2022

This year's Christmas market at the Stetten School Centre was a complete success for the school community: a large number of visitors filled the aisles around the cube with lively interest and the selection of self-designed products already helped one or the other to buy the first Christmas presents.

In addition to the lovingly decorated stalls, donations were also collected for the benefit of sick children for a fundraising project of the University Hospital in Tübingen.

The highlight of this afternoon were several performances: Mrs Burkhart with her flute group, the learning group 6.2 with their own musical contribution in the cube and the primary school classes 1 and 2 with a sensational musical performance rehearsed by the teachers Mrs Schöllhorn, Mrs Maute and Mrs Lorch and Mrs Hinger. The story presented, based on Leo Tolstoy, is about a workshop owner named Father Martin who has to spend Christmas Eve alone and hears a voice announcing the arrival of Jesus. Father Martin is expecting a king, but Jesus meets him in an old street sweeper and an exhausted young mother, which Father Martin only realises when the visitors have already left...

Jonas Gruber from class 2 shines in the role of father Martin
Milaine, Tony, Maximilian and Mikel perform Wildberry Lillet by Nina Chuba

The spirit of Christmas, which is always evoked in the popular stories by Tolstoy or Dickens, could already be perceived in the cheerful and chatty atmosphere between the tables, as our photo gallery with impressions of this afternoon shows...

Lena Werner from learning group 9.1 welcomes the visitors with delicious plaited cake.
The stand of class 3a
Class 4a with Mrs Löffler
Class 4b in action
Study group 5.1
Learning group 5.2 with obvious eagerness in business
Learning group 6.1 offers additional books to their products
Learning group 6.2 with joy at work
The 7.1 with the most diverse range on the market
Learning group 7.2 has everything under control
Learning group 8.1 offers waffles
Learning group 8.2 offers artistic Christmas baubles as well as self-sewn items
The 9.1 with their gift stand
The 9.2 sells, among other things, self-cast filigree plaster pendants for the Christmas tree.
The 10.1 enjoys the cheerful atmosphere
The 10.2 already completely in the Christmas mood

The Stetten School Centre would like to express its heartfelt thanks to all those who were particularly involved in making this an unforgettable afternoon and who contributed with creative and original products to be able to take home a unique memory!