30 September 2023

Wide range of offers at the open day

The Stetten School Centre presented itself as a lively community school with a wealth of different offers at the Open Day last week. Headmaster Dr Christof Probst and Vice-Principal Jürgen Lebherz welcomed parents, new students and interested parties in the refectory to present learning and working at a GMS. In addition, the guests had the opportunity to get advice from the teachers and to visit the numerous demonstrations and hands-on activities.

Market of Opportunities: Mrs Karsten and Mr Hotz at the information stands about the subjects, levels and organisational forms of the GMS Stetten.
Learning group 6.2 entertains the guests with waffles and cake.
Mrs Burkhart provides the background music with the brass class.
Tobias Buck from the school social work department shows a team game from the life skills programme "Lars and Lisa" of the state of Baden-Württemberg.
The primary school of the school centre offers visitable lessons and hands-on activities: Ms Biselli folds paper boats with the young guests.

Exhibits of the Sewing Workshop
Mr Heller leads the pupils through a series of experiments in physics.
Learning group 7.1 with Mr. Sim demonstrates a self-made tsunami model.
Ms Okafor shows the students digital teaching tools on the tablets.
Impressive course: The exercise programme by Ms Christlbauer and Mr Becerra from the sports department.
The Snoopy team introduces itself: Grief counselling by and for young people at the Stetten School Centre in cooperation with Ms Straub from the school chaplaincy.